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Our vision is to be purveyors of integrated, multifaceted information solutions. These solutions –be they visual, tactile, technological or intellectual –enable our clients to fulfill their objectives and provide a positive and beneficial product or service to their end-users. This, in turn, creates an entity that grows beyond our current understanding into a process that contributes to the elevation of humanity –economically and creatively.
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Did you know that we offer UV printing? We are often asked, What is the main difference between UV printing and conventional printing? In many ways, UV printing is different from conventional offset printing, however the fact is that it is still ink on paper. The difference is mainly how the ink dries. With conventional offset printing, time is always required for the ink to dry. This can take from several hours to even days depending on the ink manufacturer and paper absorption rate. UV inks dry via a photo mechanical process directly on the press. When UV based inks are exposed to ultra-violet lights they turn from a liquid to a solid. This is a tremendous advantage as the sheets coming off the press are usually dry.Another advantage of UV printing is that the inks can dry on plastic and other non-porous substrates. This is due to the benefit of the photo mechanical process where it becomes unnecessary for the ink solvents to absorb into the stock. With UV inks, there are also fewer emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) released into the environment where as conventional based inks require the evaporation (drying time) of the ink solvents. In addition to the advantage of printing on unique substrates like plastic, UV printing also offers significant advantages when printing on un-coated stocks as well. When printing on un-coated substrates with conventional inks, the product is prone to have excessive dot gain which tends to make the finished piece look cloudy or muddy. The opposite is true when printing with UV inks. As the sheet is exposed to UV light, the inks do not have the time to absorb into the paper. The ink dots are left sitting on top similar to that of a coated sheet. UV printing allows us to provide a cleaner, sharper and less contaminated dot, which in turn ultimately gives the sheet more vibrant and accurate color. The key to printing successfully with UV inks successfully is determined by how long the UV ink is exposed to the ultraviolet light to accurately cure the ink. This can sometimes be extremely difficult because every substrate has very different characteristics. If it is exposed to long or if the light is too strong, it can turn the substrate brittle. If not long enough, there may not be the correct level of adherence to the substrate making the ink flake off. At Peczuh Printing, our experienced pressman have the expertise to make sure UV printing is done right. If you have a project that requires printing to be produced on plastic substrates or on uncoated stock, please contact your sales or customer service representative. We feel you will love what we can do and provide a solution that will make your projects stand out!

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355 East 100 South / P.O. Box 1024
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Price, Utah 84501

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