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Offering quick and easy solutions to financial stressors is what we do, but the desire to help our fellow community members is why we do it. We keep this intention at the forefront of everything we do, and we always strive to remember our mission:

To provide fast and friendly service to our customers that meets their financial needs and significantly exceeds their expectations.
To provide a positive and rewarding work environment for our employees founded on mutual respect and teamwork.
To continue profitable growth and increased value for our shareholders.
To make personal and financial contributions to the communities in which we operate in a spirit of shared responsibility.

How we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself. From the most inconsequential chatter with our customers to the biggest of decisions made by executive management, these fundamental values will guide every aspect of our day:

Our customers are the focus of everything we do. It is not our product, but rather our customer service that must continually set us apart from our competition.
Our people are our most valuable resource. We will treat each other with trust and respect and foster teamwork and loyalty.
Our company’s future requires profits to survive.
Our company will conduct its business in a socially responsible manner that commands respect for its integrity and for its positive contributions to our industry and the communities where we live.

Part of the Community
Security Finance is located across the country, with over 930 branches, and our team members are part of the communities they serve. They stand ready to evaluate each and every situation – with the utmost fairness and respect – and, when possible, provide an easy-to-understand installment loan for a set amount and term. We are here to help you get back on your feet and resume living life with a refreshed outlook and a restored sense of normalcy.

People First
It is a philosophy created and established by our founder in 1955. It has been our way of doing business since day one, and it continues to thrive everyday we open our doors. People – and their lives – are our focus. We treat all with the highest level of fairness and with respect. From our employees to our customers, we treat people as we would want to be treated, appreciating who they are and what they have accomplished.

How We Connect With Our Community
Throughout 60+ years of operation, Security Finance has been an active contributor to the many communities in which we are located. From hiring locally to sourcing local purchases, we keep the community connected in more ways than one. And despite today’s prevalence of online applications and conveniences, Security Finance maintains that we are also a part of “Main Street.” Our brick-and-mortar locations provide a place where personal service and community interaction are still important, and handling financial woes becomes a little bit easier.

How We Give Back
Security Finance’s founder, Jesse L. Bridges, supported various local charities over the years — and his philosophy of philanthropy was continued after his death. Our fundamental belief in giving back to our communities is deeply incorporated into the company’s mission and values.

In 1995, Security Finance’s Lending Hand Foundation was formed as a long-term strategy for our company’s charitable giving. Two primary recipients of our ongoing contributions are the Children’s Miracle Network and the American Red Cross — each an organization with a presence that has helped both our customers and our employees in times of need.

In addition to contributions made through Security Finance’s Lending Hand Foundation, donations of business equipment are also made frequently to various charities.  Our corporate-office personnel enthusiastically challenge each other and contribute both their time and money to support charities such as the March of Dimes, Mobile Meals, various local food banks and educational institutions.

Here at Security Finance, we like to say “You Make the Difference” — and we think our well trained and committed team does just that. Helping the people within a community with their financial needs, spending our own payroll dollars locally and contributing to the success of our foundation is how Security Finance makes the difference.

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(435) 613-9159
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1183 E Main St, Price, UT
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