The Yellow Butter-Flea

A community flea.  Come visit local artists, crafters and your neighbors who have sundry goods to sell.   Its going to be awesome!


125 E. Whitmore Dr.

East Carbon City, UT 84520

And if you are a local artist, crafter or vendor and would like to set up, space is free but limited.  So give us a call at 4358888346 for more to reserve your spot.

United Way of Eastern Utah Day of Caring

Let’s get together and show our community some love.  Saturday, September 14th is United Way of Eastern Utah Day of Caring.  Meet at 7:30 am in Lin’s Fresh Market parking lot to sign up for a project and have a continental breakfast provided by Lin’s.  Lunch will also be provided at Washington Park from 12-2 pm.

What to bring?  Gloves, sunscreen, and enthusiasm!

Weaving a World: Special EVENTS

Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum
Saturday September 7, 2019

The Utah State University Prehistoric Museum presents Weaving a World: Special Events, Saturday September 7, 2019. These events compliment the current special exhibition Weaving a World: A way of life in the Four Corners and are included with admissions.

Larry Dalrymple lecture on Southwestern Basketry
Edith Tahi Navajo rug weaving demonstration
Silent Auction

Lecture: 3:00 – 4:00pm
Larry Dalrymple – The Relationships Between The Navajo, Southern Paiute And Ute And The Ceremonial Basket.

Larry Dalrymple lecture will cover the dramatic changes in Navajo basketry and the way of life that occurred due to confinement on the northwestern part of the Navajo Reservation, as the Navajo incorporated available resources in the mountains and deserts into their basketry. Intermarriage between the Ute, Southern Paiute, and Navajo has been an important aspect of weaving in the northwest part of the reservation since the early 1900s, particularly the Paiute Strip and White Mesa. The weavers brought their own skills to making the ceremonial basket but never changed the design or construction techniques required by the Hatalli (medicine Man).
Larry Dalrymple grew up in Ogden Utah. He received his Bachelor Degree from Weber State College and completed work at Utah State University toward a Masters in Latin American and European history. In 1994, after teaching in high school and college in California, he worked in the education department of the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he lives today. He is the author of “Indian Basketmakers of California and the Great Basin”, and “Indian Basketmakers of the Southwest”. Several of the baskets highlighted in these publications are also featured in the Weaving a World exhibition in the Special Exhibitions gallery.

Weaving Demonstration: 2:00-3:00 / 4:00-5:00

Edith Tahe -Traditional Navajo loom weaving in the Special Exhibitions Gallery.
Edith Tahe will show how the Navajo rugs in the Weaving a World exhibition were made. She is a Navajo rug weaver from Oljeta Chapter House near Monument Valley. She learned weaving from her husband’s family and has been weaving for nearly 30 years. Edith prefers new and challenging designs using natural colors. Her rugs are often “sheep to the loom” which means she sheers the sheep, prepares and spins the wool, and finally weaves it into a rug.

Silent Auction: Starts at 9:00 am Saturday September 7th
A small number of rugs and baskets from the Weaving a World Exhibition will be part of a silent auction at the museum. Proceeds from sales will help support future special exhibitions like this at the museum. Auction ends at 5:00pm Saturday November 9.

The USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum features fossils and artifacts from Utah.
The museum is open Monday through Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. General admission rates apply.

Sandra Budd, Head of Exhibits 435.613.5760 /
Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum,
155 East Main, Price, Utah 84501 USA /

Hunters Education Field Day

Come out for a chance to sight in rifles and practice skills learned in Hunter Education class.

Snapshot Passport End of the Summer Event

As if Passports and the Activities aren’t fun enough, we want to
reward you for earning your stamps and staying active this summer.
Join us on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at Pioneer Park in Price for

a fun day in the sun. The party will kick off at 6:00 pm. If you’ve col-
lected all the stamps in the Passport, you will receive a ticket in the

Grand Prize Drawing!!! Everyone who participated in the Snapshot
Passport is invited to attend.

United Way of Eastern Utah Grand Opening

Come celebrate our new location with us 81 North 200 East Price.  We will be serving hot dogs, drinks and popsicles.  Kids bring your bikes and helmets and ride in our bicycle rodeo.  Parents we will be handing out bicycle safety pamphlets to help keep the kiddos safe.

Experience Historic Helper

Helper welcomes the Rural Educators Conference on Thursday, July 11.  We will have sidewalk sales, plein air painting by local area artists, Main St. walking tours as well as River Restoration tours.  The Western Mining and Railroad Museum will be open late to entertain guests as well.  Jump in the Helper Pool and then head down to grab a bite and experience all we have to offer.  We expect to have activities throughout the day so join us and discover all there is to Helper!  #itshappeninginhelper #helperproud

First Friday – Celebrate America & Disco!

Join us on Helper’s Historic Main St. for a fun time beginning at 6PM – 9PM on Friday, July 5.  We’ll host a watermelon eating contest and a bar-b-que competition.  Let’s dance in the streets and put on the best disco outfits you have and come on out!

Standing on the Walls of Time: Ancient Art of Utah’s Cliffs and Canyons

When:  May 11th, 2019 @ 3 pm

Where: The Prehistoric Museum @ Utah State University Eastern, 155 E. Main St., Price, UT 84501

Cost: Free


Please join us on Saturday, May 11th @ 3pm for this free event as author Kevin T. Jones and photographer Layne Miller discuss their new book, Standing on the Walls of Time. Copies of the book will be available for purchase in the museum giftshop.  


In western culture, rock art has traditionally been viewed as “primitive” and properly belonging in the purview of anthropologists rather than art scholars and critics. This volume, featuring previously unpublished photographs of Utah’s magnificent rock art by long-time rock art researcher Layne Miller and essays by former Utah state archaeologist Kevin Jones, views rock art through a different lens.


Miller’s photographs include many rare and relatively unknown panels and represent a lifetime of work by someone intimately familiar with the Colorado Plateau. The photos highlight the astonishing variety of rock art as well as the variability within traditions and time periods. Jones’s essays furnish general information about previous Colorado Plateau cultures and shine a light on rock art as art. The book emphasizes the exqui­site artistry of these ancient works and their capacity to reach through the ages to envelop and inspire viewers.

Kevin T. Jones is the former state archaeologist of Utah. He is the author of The Shrinking Jungle, an anthropological novel set among the Aché hunter-gatherers of Paraguay, among whom Jones lived and studied in the early 1980s.

Layne Miller is a retired journalist, a lifelong resident of eastern Utah, and a long-time aficionado of the rock art of the region.


Reviews of the book.


“In our divisive age the phrase ‘cultural appropriation’ has been used as a wedge to separate people. What Kevin Jones and Layne Miller offer is the opposite: a reaching out across time with empathy, intelligence, and something like love. Follow them as they wedge down through cultural sediment, and the centuries, to make contact with the humans who once walked the land they walk now. It is a hopeful and joyful thing to think that we can talk to ghosts, that we can reach through time and join hands with those long gone.”

—David Gessner, author of All the Wild That Remains: Edward Abbey, Wallace Stegner and the American West

Family Day at the Prehistoric Museum

Family Day at the Prehistoric Museum

When:  May 11th, 2019 from 10am – 5pm

Where: The Prehistoric Museum @ Utah State University Eastern, 155 E. Main St., Price, UT 84501

Cost: Free


Come down and spend a day exploring the geology, paleontology, and archaeology of eastern Utah at the Prehistoric Museum. Admission is free all day and children’s activities will be available from 10-2. Kevin T. Jones and Layne Miller will be presenting their new book Standing on the Walls of Time: Ancient Art of Utah’s Cliffs and Canyons at 3pm. The Waffle Love food truck will be in the parking lot during lunch time.


Co-sponsors include the Castle Valley Archaeological Society and the Manti-La Sal National Forest.


For More Information (contact info): Shai Reiswig, 435-613-5755,