HOPE Walk for World Suicide Prevention Day

The HOPE Squad of Carbon, Emery, and Grand County will be hosting their Annual Walk for Suicide Awareness.  This event is open to everyone who would like to honor their loved ones lost to suicide, struggling with suicidal ideation, or just want to support the community.  This event is free and Angel’s Cravings will be available for food.  Fire Chief Fitzgerald Petersen will be speaking.

The Yellow Butter-Flea

A community flea.  Come visit local artists, crafters and your neighbors who have sundry goods to sell.   Its going to be awesome!


125 E. Whitmore Dr.

East Carbon City, UT 84520

And if you are a local artist, crafter or vendor and would like to set up, space is free but limited.  So give us a call at 4358888346 for more to reserve your spot.

Grad Night on Main

FREE Live Music & Dancing on Helper Main Street 8:00 p.m. to Midnight


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Yellow Butterfly’s Plant Exchange

Join us for our first annual plant exchange. Bring your clippings, your seeds and your seedlings and trade with your neighbors!


125 E. Whitmore Dr.

East Carbon City, UT 84520

Carbon Community Opioid Education Dinner

We will discuss the current state of the opioid crisis in our communities as well as real-world ways that you can help support loved ones and get the support that you need.

Tickets are free for Carbon County, Utah community members 18 years and older and include dinner. Space is limited so register now!

Although the events are virtual, in order to receive the take-out dinner and event materials, attendees need to register for the event in their area.

Event Details:

  • Dinner will be provided by Juniper Pizza Cafe (40 W Main St., Price, UT). You’ll be able to pick up your dinner and event materials on Thursday, May 13th from 4:45 pm – 5:45 pm. You’ll be provided with an electronic ticket to print or show on your phone as your meal voucher, after you register.
  • The event will begin promptly at 6:00 pm and end at 7:30 pm.
  • After you register, you will receive instructions for accessing the Zoom meeting from your computer, smartphone, iPad, or phone line. Please make sure to join 5-10 minutes early so that you can download/update the program (if needed) or solve any other technical issues before the event begins.
  • Complete our post-event survey to receive a $10 gift card and be entered into an opportunity drawing for a $50 gift card!

*Surveys will be provided at the event for you to complete about the learning objectives and your experience. Your feedback will help us evaluate community attitudes toward substance use disorder. USU IRB protocol #11504. Contact the faculty investigator, Dr. Ashley Yaugher, with questions or concerns: ashley.yaugher@usu.edu.

This event is intended for people living in Carbon County. If you’re from Emery or Weber County and are interested in this event, please go to extension.usu.edu/heart/community-education-dinner to find a dinner near you!

Presented by Utah State University, USU Extension HEART, and Carbon & Emery Opioid & Substance Use Coalition.

National Prescription Take-Back Day

Dispose of your unneeded medications safely!
Old and unused medications in your home can lead to accidental poisoning, overdose, and misuse. Bring them to the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office Drive-Through in Price or Stewart’s Market Drive-Through in Castle Dale, to dispose of them safely.
Safe. Easy. Anonymous.
Brought to you by:
USU Extension
USU Extension – HEART Initiative
Carbon & Emery Opioid & Substance Use Coalition
StepOne Service
Southeast Utah Health Department
Carbon County Sheriff’s Office

Vape Prevention Parent Webinar (Emery County)

About this Event
Free Educational Dinner Webinar
A free educational dinner webinar about e-cigarettes and prevention for parents/guardians in Emery County about their youth. This event will go from 6:30PM – 7:30PM MST via Zoom on Tuesday, March 30th 2021.
TWO Pick-Up Locations: Make sure when you register to click which location you are in.
1. Castle Dale and/or other Emery County residents can order from Fatty’s Pizza & Grill (more information below).
2. Green River and nearby residents can register and order for Tamarisk (more information below).
The Zoom link will be emailed to those who register on the day of the event, March 30th, 2021. A pre and post survey will be emailed to you as well that we ask you to fill out to fulfill requirements for our grant. They shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes to take.
Be sure to check out our website (https://extension.usu.edu/be-epic/) for more information on e-cigarettes and prevention.
Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns: jordyn.oman@usu.edu
Free Dinner 1 – Castle Dale (Fatty’s Pizza & Grill)
This webinar comes with a free dinner from Fatty’s Pizza & Grill pick up & curbside pickup (340 E Main St). This location will have 70 tickets available to register. There are three different meals to choose from with only one choice per ticket. The meal choices are the following: Carne Asada salad (gluten free), citrus chicken with rice and veggies, southwest rice bowl (vegetarian). All meals come with a drink and a dessert.
The deadline to ensure your chosen meal option with the webinar is March 25th by 12:00PM. If you register for this event after this date you may not receive your chosen dinner option or swag bag.
To pickup your meal you must have a printed or electronic version of your ticket. Pick up & curbside pick up will be from 4:30PM – 6:00PM.
Free Dinner 2 – Green River (Tamarisk Restaurant)
This webinar comes with a free dinner from Tamarisk pick up & curbside pickup (1710 E Main Street). This location will have 30 tickets available to register. There are three different meals to choose from with only one choice per ticket. The meal choices are the following: teriyaki chicken with cilantro lime rice and steamed broccoli, 6 oz. burger with fixings on the side and fries, garden burger with side salad (vegetarian).
The deadline to insure your chosen meal option with the webinar is March 26th by 4:00PM. If you register for this event after this date you may not receive your chosen dinner option.
To pickup your meal you must have a printed or electronic version of your ticket. Pick up & curbside pick up will be from 4:30PM – 6:00PM.
Swag Bags
Additionally, this webinar comes with a free swag bag. This will be given to you with your meal when you do pick up or curbside pick up with Tamarisk in Green River or Fatties in Castle Dale (whichever location you are at). These bags contain resources for your area as well as a USU Extension pen.

Museum Day Free admissions

Free Admission at the Prehistoric Museum

Wednesday September 11, 2019, Price, UTAH: –The Prehistoric Museum presents
Museum Day Saturday September 21, 2019.

Bring family and friends this Museum Day to the Prehistoric Museum for FREE!
There are always new exhibitions at the museum.
The Prehistoric Museum is nearing completion of the first floor of the Hall of Archaeology. These exhibitions trace the archaeology of Utah starting in the Paleoindian period and ending at the arrival of the Spanish in Utah. In the few hundred years prior to Spanish contact, native peoples were facing new challenges taking place across the Colorado Plateau; including drought, loss of farming, tribal warfare and mass migrations of peoples across all of North America. Archeologists can find evidence of these changes in the artifacts left behind during this transient period in human history. Now on display are several cooking vessels illustrating changes in life style and craft during this period. One of the museums most beautiful artifacts a hide elaborately decorated with a geometric painting, is also on display. It was found cached with several hide working tools and unpainted hides. Radio carbon dates place it just before the Spanish made contact in this area.
Don’t miss our special exhibition Weaving a World: A Way of Life in the Four Corners and the Silent Auction of a selection of rugs and baskets that runs through November 9, 2019. This exhibit features a dazzling array of rugs and basketry from some of the leading weavers in the four corners region. A total of 40 contemporary Native American weavers are featured.
We hope to see you here!

The Prehistoric Museum features fossils and artifacts from Utah. The museum is open Monday through Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

For More Information:
Sandra Budd, Head of Exhibits
435.613.5760 / Sandra.budd@usu.edu
Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum,
155 East Main, Price, Utah 84501 USA

Snapshot Passport End of the Summer Event

As if Passports and the Activities aren’t fun enough, we want to
reward you for earning your stamps and staying active this summer.
Join us on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at Pioneer Park in Price for

a fun day in the sun. The party will kick off at 6:00 pm. If you’ve col-
lected all the stamps in the Passport, you will receive a ticket in the

Grand Prize Drawing!!! Everyone who participated in the Snapshot
Passport is invited to attend.

Standing on the Walls of Time: Ancient Art of Utah’s Cliffs and Canyons

When:  May 11th, 2019 @ 3 pm

Where: The Prehistoric Museum @ Utah State University Eastern, 155 E. Main St., Price, UT 84501

Cost: Free


Please join us on Saturday, May 11th @ 3pm for this free event as author Kevin T. Jones and photographer Layne Miller discuss their new book, Standing on the Walls of Time. Copies of the book will be available for purchase in the museum giftshop.  


In western culture, rock art has traditionally been viewed as “primitive” and properly belonging in the purview of anthropologists rather than art scholars and critics. This volume, featuring previously unpublished photographs of Utah’s magnificent rock art by long-time rock art researcher Layne Miller and essays by former Utah state archaeologist Kevin Jones, views rock art through a different lens.


Miller’s photographs include many rare and relatively unknown panels and represent a lifetime of work by someone intimately familiar with the Colorado Plateau. The photos highlight the astonishing variety of rock art as well as the variability within traditions and time periods. Jones’s essays furnish general information about previous Colorado Plateau cultures and shine a light on rock art as art. The book emphasizes the exqui­site artistry of these ancient works and their capacity to reach through the ages to envelop and inspire viewers.

Kevin T. Jones is the former state archaeologist of Utah. He is the author of The Shrinking Jungle, an anthropological novel set among the Aché hunter-gatherers of Paraguay, among whom Jones lived and studied in the early 1980s.

Layne Miller is a retired journalist, a lifelong resident of eastern Utah, and a long-time aficionado of the rock art of the region.


Reviews of the book.


“In our divisive age the phrase ‘cultural appropriation’ has been used as a wedge to separate people. What Kevin Jones and Layne Miller offer is the opposite: a reaching out across time with empathy, intelligence, and something like love. Follow them as they wedge down through cultural sediment, and the centuries, to make contact with the humans who once walked the land they walk now. It is a hopeful and joyful thing to think that we can talk to ghosts, that we can reach through time and join hands with those long gone.”

—David Gessner, author of All the Wild That Remains: Edward Abbey, Wallace Stegner and the American West